How To Read That Yellow EnergyGuide Label


yellow energyguide label, Boston, MassachusettsHave you seen the big yellow EnergyGuide labels on appliances and HVAC equipment? Did you know that the information they offer could save you lots of money – especially on your heating and air conditioning costs? The trick is knowing how to read them, and luckily it’s not difficult at all.

Unlike tags applied by manufacturers full of meaningless inventory tracking serial numbers and other information, the information on the EnergyGuide label is designed with consumers in mind.

Where are EnergyGuide labels found?

You can find these labels on products including:

Why are they there?

The EnergyGuide label is required by the federal government to provide consumers with energy efficiency information. Armed with the information on the label, you can make a well-informed purchase that will save money at the time of purchase, as well as over the life of the equipment.

What are the parts of an EnergyGuide label?

Here’s a look at the anatomy of an EnergyGuide label:

  • Across the top, under the large black EnergyGuide heading, is specific information about the equipment: Manufacturer, model, size, capacity and category. This information helps you to compare similar equipment.
  • In the middle of the label, the large, bold, black number shows the average annual cost of operating the equipment. This amount is determined by the national average energy cost, which is updated every five years.
  • Just beneath the cost, there is a sliding scale representing the operating costs of models in the same category. Use this for comparing the long-term costs of different models
  • At the bottom, this piece of information reveals the estimated yearly electrical usage. Use this figure to determine more closely its operating costs, and the approximate time to recover the initial cost of the unit.
  • Finally, if the unit qualifies as Energy Star rated, that symbol will appear in the lower right-hand corner.

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