If You Have Air Leaks In Your Home, You’re Wasting Money


air leaks in your home, Boston, MassachusettsThe air leaks in your home may seem like a charming nuisance; you may notice them as you walk by a door or window and think, “Well, no home is perfect.”

But truth be told, those air leaks are costing you serious money, so finding and fixing all of them in your Massachusetts-area home will reduce your home’s carbon footprint while saving money on your energy bill.

If your charming but leaking home is like most others, some of the air leaks in your home stem from the doors and windows. More of your home’s heated or air conditioned air seeps out through ceilings, walls and floors. Leaks in your fireplace follow close behind. And don’t forget the ducts: About 20 percent of the air that moves through the ducts in most American homes gets lost because of leaks and poor connections.

With so many potential exit points to target, it helps to devise a plan of attack. So draw a diagram that includes any dropped ceilings in your home, then proceed to recessed lighting, the attic, sill plates, door and window frames, water and furnace flues, chimney flashing, electrical outlets and switches, and plumbing and utility access points. When you come to your ductwork, begin with those sections that you can reach easily.

Now you can get to work, ideally waiting for a breezy day to easily identify air leaks. You can hold a long-stemmed lighter in front of all of these trouble spots. If a breeze or the flame bends toward you, you have found a leak that needs to be sealed.

Use spray foam, caulk or weatherstripping to fill the air leaks that you’ve found throughout your home. Then test the spot again with the lighter to make sure it is completely sealed. Use metal tape on your ducts.

Air leaks in your home can be trickier to repair than they seem, especially around ducts. So don’t hesitate to call Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We take pride in making our customers’ homes air-tight – and getting rid of those “charming nuisances” once and for all.

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