Take Care of Your Heat Pump: Schedule Seasonal Maintenance


take care of your heat pump, Wayland, MassachusettsIt’s spring — the ideal time to take care of your heat pump. Heat pumps require two seasonal maintenance appointments: one in the spring to prep the system for the cooling season ahead and one in the fall to prepare for heating service.

Find out what tasks your technician will perform during a professional maintenance appointment, as well as the key steps you should be taking to take care of your heat pump.

Professional heat pump service

During a professional tune-up, your technician will perform tasks like:

  • Checking the condition of all of the heat pump’s components
  • Replacing parts that have worn
  • Cleaning the components thoroughly, ridding the coils, fan blades and compressor that succumb to dirt buildup over time and lower the system’s efficiency and decrease its cooling output
  • Checking the refrigerant charge, ensuring that it meets optimal efficiency levels
  • Testing the refrigerant lines for leaks, making repairs as necessary
  • Inspecting the ductwork, measuring the system’s air leakage rates and resolving problems through sealing air leaks or insulating
  • Checking the condensate drain, removing any film or mildew that impedes the drainage of water out of the system

DIY care for your heat pump

Having professional maintenance performed doesn’t mean you’re free and clear of responsibilities that ensure proper performance. Here’s how to take care of your heat pump over the summer season:

  • Start off the cooling season by replacing the air filter.
  • Over the next few months, check the filter every four weeks. When it looks dirty or full, replace it.
  • Watch the area around the outdoor condensing unit. Grass clippings, dirt and old leaves impede the system’s airflow and will cause buildup on the coils.
  • Check the home’s registers periodically. Keeping them unobstructed by furniture, toys or other objects allows you to receive the full measure of conditioned air the heat pump generates.

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