Zoning Systems Offer Low-Cost Solution to Home Comfort Problems


zoning systems, Boston, MassachusettsHow can you tell if your home could benefit from a zoning system? The comfort level of home occupants and your energy bills are just two ways you can answer that question.

Hot and cold zones in your home, as well as rising energy costs, offer good evidence when assessing the performance level of your HVAC system. However, it may not be cost effective to replace the system. That’s where zoning systems enter the equation, addressing comfort problems and driving energy costs down.

What are zoning systems?

Zoning systems utilize the existing HVAC system (furnace and/or air conditioner) and ductwork already in the home to take home heating and cooling up a notch. Your contractor will group the home into zones with the same heating/cooling load. Retrofitting ducts with motorized dampers allows for precise heating and cooling. Individual thermostats optimally located in each zone control the dampers, which open to allow conditioned air into the zone and close when the zone reaches the preset temperature demand. That means spaces with higher heating/cooling loads can continue to receive conditioned air, without over-conditioning areas with lesser heating/cooling needs..

When should you employ a zoning system?

The even distribution of heating and cooling through zoning is uniquely suited to homes that feature:

  • Two or more stories, such as a two-story home or a split-level home
  • A large open space with ceilings higher than the standard height
  • A room with very large windows
  • A remodeled attic
  • A finished basement
  • A finished area over the garage
  • An addition to the home, which employs more efficient building materials than the existing home
  • A large, rambling floor plan

Home design features like these offer homeowners more space and increase the home’s aesthetic value while making it difficult for a single HVAC system to accommodate the differing heating/cooling loads. Zoning systems resolve the problems inherent to these designs.

Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning provides HVAC services to the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts. Contact us for help resolving comfort problems or when energy costs spiral out of control. We’re happy to discuss solutions, zoning systems and maintenance plans.

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