A Clean Air Filter and A/C Efficiency Go Hand in Hand


clean air filter, Holliston, MassachusettsA clean air filter will not only extend the life of your air conditioner, but also will help lower your energy bill, keep your air quality high and keep your HVAC system cleaner.

Regularly checking your A/C filter and replacing it when it is dirty is a very important home maintenance step. Because the filter is meant to be checked and changed often, the process is designed to be easy to do. You can usually locate your air filter beside the air handler box, which contains your furnace or A/C’s fan and fan motor. Look at the point where the duct goes into the air handler for a small cover or hinged door, typically 1-inch wide, that allows you access. Inside is where the air filter is placed. You will need to remove the old air filter, and if it is dirty, replace it with a new one.

Air filters are sold by size as well as by efficiency rating. If you are unsure of the size you need, you can usually find the size on the frame, or you can simply measure your old filter. You will also need to check to see what efficiency rating is best for use with your A/C model. The higher the efficiency the better for your air quality, but you must balance efficiency with airflow because a filter with a rating that is too high can put undue strain on your A/C unit if it is not equipped for high-efficiency filters.

A clean air filter will allow the air to pass through more easily, saving your air conditioner work, and causing it to use less energy to pull the air in. This translates to less money spent on energy bills, while your A/C unit can work more easily, extending its life span. A fresh air filter also does a better job of filtering the air, keeping it clean and healthy inside your home.

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