Upgrading Your Home Furnace? Supplemental Equipment to Consider


furnace featuresWhen you’re having a new furnace installed, consider adding supplemental furnace equipment at the same time. Doing this may save you money on additional service calls, and many types of additions make your furnace more energy efficient.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats provide both convenience and energy efficiency. You can program these ahead of time to adjust temperature based on changing indoor climate needs. You will save money by keeping the temperature lower while you are away, for example. In addition, by programming the thermostat to raise the temperature before you’re due home, you won’t have to wait for the house to heat up.

Zoning System

Different regions of your home have different heating requirements. This depends upon many factors, including windows, insulation, and whether the part of the home receives afternoon sunlight. A zoning system allows you to customize temperature in designated zones in the home. Having the furnace add the same amount of heat to each area wastes a lot of energy; zoning systems allow you to turn down the heating in unused areas.

Pleated Filters

An effective air filter is necessary for good indoor air quality and for keeping your furnace running efficiently. Not all air filters are made equal, however. Pay attention to the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), which indicates how efficient filters are at different sized particles.

Most new furnaces are compatible with filters with a MERV rating in the middle-range, 8-12, and this is usually adequate for indoor air quality. Choose pleated filters as they have a larger surface area and last longer than flat filters.


If your home feels very dry or you experience a lot of static electricity in the winter, you should consider having a whole-house humidifier installed with your HVAC system.

Chimney Upgrades

You should always ask the manufacturer or a contractor if you will need a new chimney liner before the furnace is installed. Old chimneys are often incompatible with new, energy-efficient furnaces, and structural damage can develop

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