Humidification Systems in Your Home Can Work Wonders for Your Comfort


humidification systemsWhen it comes to your home comfort, air quality is just as important as air temperature, if not more. In fact, if anyone in your home is in poor health or suffers from asthma, maintaining an excellent level of air quality in your home is extremely important. Along with air filter replacement and keeping your ducts clean, humidification systems can make an impact on your home’s air quality.

Humidification systems are the key to maintaining balanced humidity in your home, which is not only good for keeping your furniture and belongings in good shape, but also for maintaining optimal indoor air quality for your health.

Benefits of Home Humidification Systems

  • Maintaining enough humidity in your home helps keep your skin moisturized, which means less chapped lips and dry, itchy skin.
  • If you’re suffering from bloody noses caused by overly dry air, humidification systems can cut down on the number of nose bleeds you experience or even stop them all together.
  • You know those tiny hairs in your nose that filter out bacteria from the air you breathe into your lungs? Proper humidity levels actually improves their ability to function, which not only helps keep allergies at bay but also reduces your risk of contracting the flu and colds.
  • Humidification systems can help maintain the proper amount of moisture to preserve your furniture and flooring. It prevents the extremely dry air that can cause irreparable damage to furniture, especially wood and leather, which can even crack and split from not having enough humidity.
  • Increasing the amount of humidity in your home greatly reduces the static electricity that’s giving your clothing static cling and causing the cat’s fur to spark when petted.
  • Houseplants will flourish in the increased humidity of your home.

Please contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning if you would like more information about how humidification systems can benefit your home. We provide reputable 24/7 service to the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts.

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