Ductless Mini Split Installation Is a Job for Pros, But Here’s What You Can Do to Get Ready


ductless mini split installationWith benefits such as smaller size, higher energy efficiency and greater interior design flexibility compared to traditional ducted A/C systems, it’s no surprise ductless mini split installations are becoming more popular.

However, if ductless installations aren’t handled by a professional, disadvantages of the technology can easily outweigh the benefits: 

  • For optimal temperature and humidity control as well as maximum energy efficiency, placement and size of the air handlers is crucial. Oversized or poorly placed units will often prove to be more expensive to install and maintain, while providing less comfort to your living areas.
  • Ductless mini installation requires specific tools and knowledge, and it includes electrical gasses and refrigerant connections; with DIY approach, you can face severe health and safety hazards, on top of malfunctions of the system within just months of installation.

Pre-Installation Tasks Homeowners Can Conquer

While leaving the final, advanced steps of the ductless mini split installation process to professionals, there are a few tasks you can do beforehand, but only if you’re a skilled handyman and know what you’re doing.

  • You can drill a hole in your wall and carefully unpack and hang the indoor unit.
  • You can run the connections and copper lines outside.
  • You can place the outdoor unit onto a flat concrete pad.

What Steps to Leave to the Professionals

One of the most important steps of ductless mini split installation that you should always leave to a trusted, reliable professional is vacuuming the copper lines. This not only requires a vacuum pump, which most homeowners don’t have access to, but it’s also crucial to your system’s long-term performance.

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