Common A/C Issues That Can Plague Your System and What Can Be Done


common a/c issuesIt is only when air conditioners fail to work properly that we realize how much we depend on them. There are many reasons why your air conditioning unit could malfunction, and here are a few of the most common A/C issues.

  • Condenser isn’t working – The cause of this common issue is usually no power going to the air conditioner. The A/C may have a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. The thermostat could also be the cause. Turning the thermostat very low may switch the unit on. If the condenser still doesn’t work, a faulty compressor or motor could be the problem, and those issues require the expert services of a qualified A/C technician.
  • Air conditioner works but cycles on and off frequently – If the air conditioner is cycling on and off more often than usual, you may be dealing with a dirty evaporator or a blocked condenser. A thorough cleaning of the condenser by an HVAC technician may get your air conditioner working again.
  • A/C is running, but it doesn’t cool – In some cases, the air conditioner works but fails to cool. If this is happening in your home, have the condenser checked. It’s most likely blocked with dirt, weeds or other debris. Once the blockage is removed, the air conditioner should work, though a faulty compressor or insufficient refrigerant can also cause no cooling.
  • Air conditioner doesn’t provide enough cooling – A defective thermostat can cause insufficient cooling. Lower the temperature on the thermostat. If the air conditioner still isn’t cooling well enough, a dirty evaporator could be at fault. Clean it properly and leave it on for awhile or have it checked for sufficient refrigerant.

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