Upgrading to a New Central Air Conditioner? Fall Is Prime Time for Installation


install new central air conditionerIf you’re considering upgrading to a new central air conditioner, fall is the ideal time for an installation. You’ll reap some major benefits when a knowledgeable, licensed HVAC contractor installs your new equipment in between the cooling and heating seasons.

  • Scheduling flexibility In the summer and winter, reputable HVAC contractors are booked up maintaining and repairing air conditioners and furnaces. In the fall, there’s a lull that can make scheduling an A/C installation easier and more convenient.
  • Significant savings – HVAC contractors need to stay busy year round to pay their employees and overhead costs, so they often offer attractive discounts to customers who upgrade during the slower fall season.
  • Greater comfort – The mild autumn weather makes it the perfect season for an A/C upgrade. You won’t even notice the lack of conditioned airflow during the installation process. Once the new equipment is in place, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be cool and comfortable when the heat and humidity arrives again.

Helpful Tips for Installing a New Air Conditioner

New cooling equipment is a major investment, so you’ll want to ensure that you hire an experienced and dependable HVAC contractor who will do the job properly. Discuss these points with any contractor you’re considering:

  • Correct sizing – Your contractor of choice should perform a detailed load calculation using criteria such as the home’s square footage, number of windows, the level of insulation and the home’s orientation to come up with the cooling capacity required.
  • Proper installation – If you want the new A/C to boost comfort and energy savings, it has to be installed properly. Make sure that your contractor factors in the condition of your home’s ductwork, whether there’s inadequate insulation or existing air leaks, and any equipment compatibility issues too.
  • Equipment comparisons – To help you weigh the lifetime versus upfront equipment costs, you’ll need information on the annual operating costs of A/Cs with various seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER).

If you need expert advice about installing a new air conditioner in the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts, contact us today at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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