Considering a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump? Tips for Getting More Out of It When It’s Cold


ductless mini split heat pumpsThe ductless mini split heat pump is the proven alternative to space heating and cooling individual rooms. In homes where central heat and cooling isn’t installed or where extending existing ductwork to new additions or retrofits isn’t feasible, the ductless mini split provides superior efficiency combined with the power of a central system.

Heat pumps warm living spaces by extracting latent heat energy from outdoor air through an exterior coil, concentrating the heat in a compressor, then moving it indoors to be dispersed by a coil in a compact indoor air handler. In summer, the process flip flops and the ductless mini split heat pump cools individual rooms or zones in the home.

Maximizing heating performance and efficiency from a ductless mini split heat pump is easier if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • First give attention to reducing heat loss from the room. Seal air leaks to the exterior, install or renew weatherstripping around doors and windows and ensure that attic and wall insulation meets current standards.
  • Size for lower temperatures. Mini split system sizing relates to the capacity of the heat pump to provide heat at lower outdoor temperatures. Size the unit according to the lowest outdoor temperatures you normally expect in your locale, then use electric space heaters as supplemental heat for colder periods.
  • Provide shelter from the snow. The outdoor unit should be mounted about two feet above ground level and beneath an overhang to avoid inundation with snow that blocks airflow and reduces outdoor coil efficiency. A snow-choked coil will continuously activate the system’s automatic defrost function, wasting energy.
  • Mount the indoor air handler low for comfort and performance. A wall mounting about 18 inches from the floor is ideal. The unit draws in colder air near the floor for warming, then blows out warmth at a low level where it naturally rises to fill the room. Lower mounting also provides easier cleaning and maintenance.

Contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on heating with a ductless mini split heat pump. We serve the Route 495/128 area of Massachusetts.

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