Do a Little Research Before Selecting a Boiler Upgrade for Your Home


Boilers are a common way to heat homes in Massachusetts, but an old, inefficient boiler can be a real fuel hog. Upgrading a boiler at the right time can save you a ton of money with lower energy costs in the future.

boilerYou need to consider boiler upgrades carefully before going forward. Making the right decision at upgrade time will maximize your fuel savings in years to come. Here are a few things to consider when upgrading your boiler:

  • Don’t do a one-for-one swap without sizing the boiler properly. Many homeowners make the mistake of blindly changing out an old boiler for a new one of the same size. In many cases, the old boiler was oversized for the house. If you replace it with one the same size, you’ll continue paying more in energy costs than necessary. Have an HVAC professional estimate the proper sizing before doing the replacement.
  • Consider going with an Energy Star rated boiler over a non-rated one. Energy Star rated boilers have an efficiency of 85 percent or higher. They use electronic ignition, new combustion technologies, and sealed combustion chambers, all to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Which fuel is better for your home: natural gas or oil? In most cases, it’s best to use the same fuel on the new one as on the old. However, you may find that a natural gas line is now available where one wasn’t available years ago when the old oil boiler was installed. Running the gas line may be a better option in those cases.
  • Do you want a combination boiler/water heat system? Most conventional boiler systems only work to heat your home. If you have limited space or want to have equipment that does more than one thing, a combination system may be an option. This system provides hot water to both the radiation system in the house as well as the hot water taps.

Boiler upgrades are a necessity sometimes. Making a smart upgrade will save you on energy costs. If you want to talk to someone about upgrading your boiler, contact the pros at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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