5 Reasons Why You Should Let Professionals Install Plumbing Systems


Calling in a plumber often sounds like a waste of time. DIY shows and online videos make it sound like plumbing systems are something a homeowner can do without the help of a professional. The reality is a bit different. There are certain advantages of professional plumbing installation that make it well worth the investment.

Why Leave It to the Professionals

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Here are five reasons to leave plumbing issues to the professionals:

  • Prevent water damage. If an installation or repair is done incorrectly, the chances of a leak occurring is quite high. What may start out as a minor, occasional drip can gradually lead to a major water leak or burst pipe. That can lead to water damage inside walls, through the ceiling below, and eventually
  • Doing the job right the first time. Many homeowners find that trying to do the work themselves ends up costing them more in the long run. For example, cutting the hole for a new sink in the countertop requires precision. One wrong cut and you either have to replace the countertop or get a new sink.
  • Prevent gas leaks or electrical shocks. Some plumbing-related jobs involve natural gas lines or electrical wiring. If the work is not done properly, the potential of a deadly gas leak or a fatal shock is quite significant.
  • Get the work done within code. Local building codes are there to prevent potential problems. Our professional plumbers knows and follows these codes. Not only it is the smart thing to do, it is also the legal thing to do.
  • Keep the water and waste flowing properly. If you do not have drain lines installed at the proper slope, you can end up with slow drain lines and waste backing up into your house. Improperly installed water lines can bang around due to air in the lines. Those are just a few of the plumbing problems that can happen if the pipes are not installed and secured properly.

If you want the advantages of professional plumbing installation, give us a call at Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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