How to Keep Your Home’s AC System Cool This Summer


Your A/C is going to be working overtime this summer. You do not want it to overheat and break down. The best way to prevent problems is getting the equipment in good working order and keeping it that way. Learning how to keep your AC system from overheating is not difficult and does not take much time.

Keep Your A/C in Good Working Order

Use these tips to maintain your air conditioning system and keep it from overheating:

    air filter

  • Change the filters regularly. Filters help keep the insides of the A/C and the ductwork clear of dust and debris. They also play a role in keeping your indoor air quality good.
  • Hose off the outdoor condenser. The fins on the condenser unit can get dirty, which decreases its efficiency. Use a gentle spray of water to clear it away.
  • Cut back bushes and plants. The outdoor condenser needs a steady flow of air to work efficiently. Overgrown grass, weeds, and bushes can block that air flow. Keep the area around the condenser trimmed.
  • Have a professional HVAC maintenance visit once a year. Your A/C needs regular maintenance to run efficiently. An annual visit from an HVAC professional will keep it running throughout the summer.
  • Check ducts and hoses for leaks. If your ducts have leaks, you are losing cool air to your attic or crawlspace. If the hoses are leaking, the system cannot cool efficiently.
  • Use ceiling fans. Fans do not cool rooms, but they make people in the rooms feel cooler. Turning on the fans allows you to turn the A/C temp up.
  • Block the sun with drapes. UV rays coming through the windows heats up your indoor space. Insulated drapes help block that heat and keep the inside cool.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. You can program it to keep the house cool when people are at home and go into energy saving mode when everyone is gone.

Using these tips will help you learn how to keep your air conditioner from overheating. If you need to schedule an annual tune-up, contact Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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